Football Picks – Germany and Spain – Against the giants

It’s rare these days to catch the biggest teams around Europe on the wrong foot, but from time to time an opportunity arises where it might be worth while.

This weekend could be such a time, when big team like Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona have a whole bunch of players coming back from playing for their country and next week they are facing another round of Champions League-football.

It could therefore be one of those weekends where they might take the foot off the gas and settle for a lesser win than we’ve become accustomed to in the past months.

I hereby take my chances of these 3 bets.

Bayern Munich – Hertha Berlin
Should Berlin manage a draw, an awaywin, or lose by 1 goal, we’ll get odds of 1.88. Should Bayern win by 2 goals, we’ll get our stakes returned. That’s quite a few scenarios to have covered in one bet.

Real Madrid – Betis
In this bet we get odds 1.79 should Betis win, draw or lose by 2 goals.

Barcelona – Santander
Santander lost both league games by 3-0 last season. Can they just emulate that achievement, I’ll be happy.

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