Haase hammers on

Robin Haase – Julien Benneteau 1

Yesterday Benneteau was forced into a long and nerve-wracking match for the second consecutive day. The day before yesterday he won only in the tie break in the decisive third set, while yesterday he also had to use 3 sets to secure the win.

After losing the first set, he won the 2nd in a blast of a tie break with 11-9 before taking home the third set. It was his seventh victory in a row in the tournament where he has gone through the qualification to be get to this stage.

And when did he last win 8 consecutive victories? once before in his entirecareer, back in February-March 2004. It does’t mean that he can not do it again, it does indicate, however, the probability of a defeat is closing in on him.

Haase recently won his first ATP title, and has been flying in this one, where he has yet to lose a set after 3 matches.

Thus, he should still have some good reserves to draw from should it be a long match. These reserves Benneteau simply cannot have anymore.

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