Groningen to settle score

Groningen – Den Haag 1
Both were a little lame in their opening weekend, but
Groningen had a more difficult task, on paper, in their away game against Roda than Den Haag, a very strong home side last season, but opened with a draw against Vitesse.

I am sure Den Haag faces a far more difficult task here because I’m also
sure Groningen wants to avenge themselves.

These two met in the play-off battle for a ticket to the Europa League, Den Haag prevailed in the first encounter, 5-1, only to lose by a similar score 4 days later in a match that turned ugly.

Den Haag eventually won a penalty shootout, and that’s the score which I’, confident that Groningen wants to settle on Sunday. They have already won the last four home matches against this opponent by at least two goals.

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