Can Djokovic conquer Wimbledon?

Rafael Nadal – Novak Djokovic
I cannot claim to be going into this final completely without interests. Before the tournament started I told the readers here at onebooker to go for Djokovic in the winner’s market and leave Nadal alone. Well, I’m one step away from getting that right, so I could just sit back at keep my fingers crossed. Or I could try and “protect” the investment a little bit by placing a bet on Nadal in Sunday’s final. That’s what I’ve done here, but let me make it perfectly clear. Had I not placed money on Djokovic to win the whole tournament, I would have voted for him in this final, as I simply don’t grasp how a man that has beaten Nadal in their last 4 meetings can be a 2.44 outsider.
So to sum it all up; if you, like me, already has a stake on Djokovic, then place a bit of that money on Nadal.
If you don’t have any interest in the final beforehand; go with Djokovic!

Moving on to our next suggestion and I’ll take my chances on there being no tie breaks. Only one match has delivered tie breaks for Djokovic during the Wimbledon, while Nadal hasn’t played a tie break in his last 2 matches against Fish and Murray. These 2 have played each other 27 times before. In 21 of those there was no tie breaker which I why I think this market simply offers to generous a price.

Last but not least I’ll go with less than 11 games in the 1st set. In 11 of their last 15 matches there has been less than 11 games in the 1st set.

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Joker is, and will be no 1, in next 10 years

go Djokovic


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